Battery Uplighter Hire are one of the most popular lighting hire items ever since its introduction to our range, the superb flexibility and features of our battery uplighters make them the ideal in so many situations.

Compact in size and lightweight, these powerful uplighters use the latest LED technology that gives them an amazing colour palette along with up to 10 hours of cable free use from their built in rechargeable battery system.

The benefits of Battery uplighter hire is huge when it comes to freedom of placement in and around an event or venue, allowing walls, pillars and features to be smartly illuminated without the need for a nearby plug socket.

Hugely popular with marquee events and for wedding venue dressing, the portability and rugged construction of our battery uplighters finds them in use both indoors and outdoors, with built in carry handles and angle adjustable feet allowing easy setup.

Hire for events have a selection of battery uplighters available for rental, and our technicians will take care of setting up any colours or programmes for you upon delivery, leaving you to place the units in their desired positions around your venue.

Battery Powered Wireless Uplighters Hire

With our wireless uplighters, you are actually getting dual wireless features, as along with their mains free operation, these incredible little units have a built in WiFi based DMX system, which allows you to control as many uplights as you wish.

Wireless DMX gives you full control over colour selection and colour changing, along with intensity and various modes for fading and timing. The units include preset selections, or can be manually programmed with specific instructions using the easy to operate menu system.

You only need to programme one unit, and the rest of you hired uplighters will synchronise with it over WiFi to give you a complete harmonised lighting display.

Wireless uplighter hire is the ideal choice for wedding venues, corporate functions and special events where they can quickly transform the ambience of any space, engulfing it with defined colour that can be altered at the touch of a button.

Contact us for more information on wireless uplighters hire.

Battery Operated Lights

Event lighting has always required the running of extension leads and power cables all over the place to get you the look you want. It’s messy, and takes ages to set up. It also requires the use of many of the venue’s plug sockets, which can leave you short if you’re setting up a DJ or live band.

Battery operated lights have taken a huge leap in performance and features since the switch to power efficient LED lamps. With improved battery technology and the near zero heat from the LEDs, our latest battery uplighters can operate for up to 10 hours on a charge.

Battery uplighter hire gives you so much freedom when it comes to setting out the look of a venue, with those awkward areas suddenly not being a problem, and no limitations of lighting placement due to not having a mains socket available nearby.

For longer term uplighter hire, the battery powered lighting can simply be plugged in to charge overnight, with a full recharge taking just a few hours, leaving them ready for the next day. This makes battery operated lights perfect for use on exhibition stands, at sporting competitions, and for gallery display or retail sales events.

Hire for Events maintain a great selection of battery operated lighting that’s perfect for both scenery setting and party use.

Available in various packages designed for different events and performance needs, we are happy to advise you on choosing the most suitable battery lighting system to meet your requirements, and your budget.

Battery Powered Party Lights

Though used mostly for wall washes and ambient lighting creation, the battery powered lights we offer are extremely capable, with a huge range of inbuilt and custom settings giving you total control over the output.

The powerful LED lamps fitted to our battery uplighters can be set to operate in fades of any speeds, right up to strobe effect, and the wireless DMX they feature makes it so easy to have multiple units operating in complete unison.

Small enough to be placed inside DJ stands and truss systems, battery uplighters are superb for internal lighting of covered speaker stands, moving head light plinths, and the backlighting of screens and fabrics.

The onboard DMX control on our battery powered uplights can be used both in a wireless WiFi setup, or can be cable wired into a larger DMX system for control through a lighting desk or software. This allows for quick and easy integration of hired lighting into a venue’s established lighting system.

Battery Uplighter Hire

Hiring lighting for any event will always be the most economical and sensible option for gaining access to the latest performance lighting.

With many events being one offs for private organisers, the purchase of multiple lighting units to dress a venue makes little sense when compared to the package hire deals available.

With lighting rental you are also gaining access to the advice and experience of our knowledgeable team here at Hire for Events, who are happy to explain the differences between products and packages, and guide you through the options that will best suit your specific needs.

Battery uplighters are ideal for so many lighting tasks, from creating scenes and backgrounds for photography sessions and videos, to highlighting display at product launches and pop up retail stands.

Hire for Events have a range of battery uplighter packages that can solve all of your lighting requirements in one simple to organise rental, with our team taking care of both delivery and collection.

Uplighters are great for…

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Award shows
  • Photography
  • Dinner evenings
  • …and any other special event!

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