2 Tier 8m System

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The 2 tier 8m system provides an ideal flexible platform system that is great for photography or to work as a tiered audience for theatre productions, assemblies or sports events.

This 2 tier 8m system offers a small setup that is great for a standing or seated audience, with chairs available to be added as an addition.

This tiered setup is created using sixteen stage platforms, two rows of eight (one stage platform = 1x1m) and is completely customisable, with handrails, stage skirts, disabled ramps all for an extra additional cost.

Offering one of the most flexible 2 tier 8m systems available, this seating or standing arrangement will allow full view of each and every individual on the platform, providing a perfect avenue to allow your guests or audience to see a stage, or to all be featured within a photo without any obscurity.

All of our tiered stage seating or standing systems feature an anti-slip texture, to prevent slipping or accidents, providing a strong grip in wet or dusty conditions. Easy to put together and dismantle, this tiered system is extremely accessible.

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2m x 8m


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