20 Pack Battery Uplighters

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This huge set of 20 Battery uplighters provides a powerful decoration light for any event, completely transforming your venue with stunning LED lighting that’ll work to ‘paint’ your wall or ceiling with bright, user-selected colours.

Perfect as a set of 20, this outdoor or indoor LED uplighter package will provide you with plentiful of light to decorate a marquee, hall, restaurant or bar and work to completely transform both the vibe and the tone of its surroundings.

Whether you want to set the scene on the atmosphere for a perfect wedding, provide feature lighting to highlight architectural focal points or simply alter the vibe of an otherwise dreary marquee, LED uplighters are the perfect tool in your lighting toolbox to make that dream a reality.

With easy-to-control functionality allowing you to a shine a light on any possible colour to best suit your function, and features that enable the uplighter to change colours depending on the music or sound playing in the background, these LED lights are the perfect device for any decorative lighting requirements.


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