2x2m Small Stage

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Our 2x2m small stage provides a perfectly sized platform for any small events or occasions you may have, offering a centerpiece that’ll certainly see ‘all eyes on the stage’.

Ideal for school sports days, small speeches, singing or simply as the perfect platform to allow you to stand out from the crowd, this 2x2m stage provides a durable and resilient piece of kit for indoor or outdoor use.

With a massive weight limit and a anti-slip texture complimentary covering the platform in its entirety, you’ll be? moving or grooving around in no time.

Crafted to work as an all-round perfect small stage, this 2x2m stage platform is everything you’d need to raise yourself above a crowd.

With the option to add and customise your stage with a whole host of accessories such as stage skirts, carpet tops for a softer touch and lighting backdrops which can be placed under or behind the stage for a special glowing effect.

Customisation of your 2x2m stage is fully possible.

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