3x2m Outdoor Stage System

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Our 3x2m outdoor stage system is the perfect stage setup crafted and designed for outdoor usage.

This stage system features a variety of different techniques to ensure it is suitable for fully outdoor use, such as a reliable build that will keep the stage from moving during wind or a sudden gale, as well as interlocking frames built using only the most rigid of materials.

Utilising adjustable stage legs, we’re also able to adjust our stage decks to ensure a strong and durable stage setup at all times. Great for uneven ground, such as grass, mud or stones, our stage legs are created to cater against any of these sometimes unpredictable offsets.

A 3x2m outdoor stage system allows just enough room for a small band performance or a speech and can be ideal for school sports days or outdoor celebrations.

With extra additions and accessories available to be added to your outdoor stage setup, from a roof to handrails, steps, sidewalls and additional trussing for lights and effects, you’re able to completely customise your outdoor stage to best suit the event you’re putting on.

All of our 3x2m stage systems are carefully put together on location by our talented team and are able to be assembled in little to no time and are easily able to be dismantled and put away at the end of your event with no fuss. All of the parts that go together to make the stage roof system are extremely dependable to ensure safe and pleasant usage.

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