4x6m Indoor Stage

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Our 4x6m large indoor stage provides a perfectly sized platform for those larger events or occasions that you may have, offering a centrepiece that’ll certainly see ‘all eyes on the stage’.

An ideal stage size for music events, concerts, band performances, talent shows and theatre productions: this 4x6m indoor stage will provide you with the perfect platform that offers more than enough space for anything you can think up.

With a massive weight limit and a anti-slip texture covering the platform in its entirety, this durable and resilient large indoor stage can be used again and again without fear or risk, ensuring you’ll be working with a durable and carefully crafted piece of kit.

Designed to work as an all-round perfect large stage, this 4x6m stage platform is everything you’d need to raise yourself above a crowd.

With the option to add and customise your stage with a whole host of accessories such as stage skirts, carpet tops for a softer touch and lighting backdrops which can be placed under or behind the stage for a special glowing effect. Customisation of your 4x6m stage is fully possible.

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4m x 6m


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