6x6m Exhibition Booth

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The 6×6 exhibition booth is the biggest exhibition booth that we offer. Built in a size that is uncommon on the exhibition floor, the 6x6m exhibition booth provides a stand that will ensure maximum capacity of space, allowing you full creative vision of a exhibition stand that isn’t hindered by the lack of space.

With this significant amount of extra space to work with, the vision for your exhibition booth can be much bigger. This large square exhibition booth is crafted using a strong cube trussing frame that can be customized in any direction you wish to take it.

Using the trussing pillars and perimeter roof trussing, you’re able to attach promotional material, lighting or effects in order to make the most of your exhibition booth, adding to the ‘wow’ factor of your trussing booth setup.

Providing a welcoming, open plan display, this 6x6m exhibition booth is great for all kinds of trade events or any exhibition and is ideal for predominantly dry, indoor use.

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6m x 6m


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