6x6m Gazebo

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A 6x6m Gazebo is one of the larger gazebos available.

A large gazebo of such size provides you and your guests with a pleasant amount of room for various sheltered activities and celebrations, offering enough room to cater to a larger amount of guests than a regular gazebo.

Great for wedding parties, family gatherings and as shelter during the summer weather, this 6x6m gazebo is great for all types of medium to large sized events, with enough space to fit a few rows of chairs or a well-positioned table setup.

Featuring multiple sturdy and durable legs and a triangular roofed build, this larger-sized square gazebo offers functionality and build security that can be relied upon for any activity you may have in or around it.

Whether you’re looking to simply avoid harsh weather conditions, be it rain or wind, innocent knocks and bumps through general activity or require a large gazebo you can fully trust to maintain its posture after the day is over, our 6x6m gazebo is the perfect hire gazebo for the job – no matter its size.

This gazebo also features retractable walls that can be added or removed depending on your necessities from your gazebo usage.

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6m x 6m


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