The key to a successful event is made up of many factors of course, but the correct choice and layout of lighting is crucial to how people perceive things. Using our event lighting hire experience to create the perfect lighting effect.

If you’ve ever seen a nightclub in the daytime you will appreciate this fact perhaps a little more, as the use of both architectural and effects lighting systems can transform even the dingiest location into the spectacular.

Hiring lights for events allows you as the organiser to pick and choose the units that will work best for each job, allowing you far more flexibility in the looks you can create, be it for your own business, or as part of a client service you’re offering.

Hire for Events are specialists in modern lighting systems, with a large selection of wash lighting, uplighter units, stage lighting and pinspot systems that offer the very latest cool running LED technology.

Our lighting for hire comes in protective cases and setup can be done by us upon delivery, or by yourself if you wish. They are simple to use, with units such as our battery powered uplighters offering you the freedom of mains free operation for unrestricted placement.

Mood Lighting Hire

Lighting can quickly alter the mood and feel of a venue, and is a superb tool in creating a specific look for either a large space or a more specific area. Our mood lighting hire service can help you create the feel and event mood you require.

For setting the perfect mood, DMX signal control is fitted to the majority of our wash lighting and uplighter units, which allows fully unified synchronization of all connected lighting, either from a master control unit, or through the on board set programs fitted into the lights.

This system allows you to create shows and set pattern changes across a large area, controlling everything from colour output, brightness levels and different effects such as slow fades or strobing.

Wedding venues often use this to great effect, with a soft slow wash to walls and ceilings, gradually changing through a muted colour palette to give a warmth to the room.

The Hire for Events time are happy to pre-set any desired DMX control for you on your chosen lighting hire system if it has the capability. We can also provide instruction upon delivery to allow you to make setting changes to suit your needs.

Venue Uplighting

Uplighters have become one of our most popular event lighting hire systems, as they offer a superb range of colours and settings to allow almost any effect to be achieved, even from just a few units.

Venue uplighting can be placed along wall lines, projecting up in a wash to both the wall and ceiling. Or they can be placed more strategically to highlight specific room features, products or objects.

Long strip lights or bars can create fantastic yet subtle changes to large areas, while more discreet uplight units such as our battery powered uplighter systems can be hidden inside trussing or behind fabric covered features to create glowing pillars.

Popular for opening nights and special retail events, our uplighters provide a simple and cost effective solution for quickly enhancing the look of a venue, giving it a completely new aesthetic.

Outdoor Venue Lighting for Hire

Architectural lighting to the sides of buildings, and to highlight specific features is often used to great effect on wedding manors, historical buildings, and places of interest.

Ground lighting to car parks, pathways and outdoor areas can create a stunning unison between what’s happening inside the building and how it appears outside.

For temporary use during an event, our battery powered uplighters or more powerful par style wash lights can illuminate gardens and doorways with soft colours, providing real character to an outdoor space and creating fantastic backdrops that lend themselves to photos.

For lighting that will stay put outdoors throughout an event, perhaps over several days, we can supply fully IP rated lighting solutions that can be left on in all weathers, so a sudden downpour won’t be an issue.

With outdoor spaces being just as desirable as indoor locations, the availability of high performance portable lighting systems for scenery highlighting and mood creation is a hugely important factor in creating many modern events.

The Hire for Events team are happy to provide advice on any specific requirements regarding lighting hire for outdoor use, with our technicians delivering and setting up your hired system to ensure you get the very best performance for your event.

Lighting for Hire

There are many situations that can require specialist lighting, and more often than not it makes best sense to hire lights rather than to try and buy.

With lighting hire you are getting high quality professional lighting systems for a fraction of their retail cost, with units such as moving head lights for example, costing several hundred pounds per unit for just the lower spec models.

You can hire a complete lighting system from Hire for Events that’s tailored to the task at hand, be that a private party, a wedding venue, or for short term exhibition use or gallery presentations.

We have a large selection of stage lighting, effects lighting, and atmospheric machines that are popular hires for professional photography sessions and music video productions, and our team has great experience in advising you on the correct equipment from our range to get the results you want.

Hiring lights for events ensures you get the best quality systems and the very latest products on the market. It allows you to try out different ideas and design schemes at your events, without the huge investment that comes with purchasing professional lighting equipment.

Our event lighting to hire includes…

  • Par Lights
  • Strobe Lights
  • Fairy Lights
  • Starlight Backdrops
  • Disco Lighting
  • Spotlights
  • Lasers

Contact us for more information on our event lighting hire service.

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