Exhibition stand hire is a popular decision for many, as owning and storing a large stand just isn’t practical or economical for most businesses, nor is the logistics of transporting one.

The exhibition circuit in any industry is a hugely important marketing tool, helping to expand both your customer base, and for research purposes, helping to see first hand what competitors are offering, and what’s getting the most attention.

Trade show booth and exhibition stand hire can really make a huge difference, allowing you to define your space in the hall and stand out from the crowd.

It provides you a complete structure for displaying banners, promotional materials, and for overhead lighting fixtures, and the hollow ladder framework of a truss based system allows for cabling to be easily hidden out of sight.

Hire for Events can provide exhibition stands and show booths in a variety of sizes and designs, from decorative only trussing systems to larger quad truss builds that can support the hanging of lighting and display screens.

Our team of technicians will deliver and construct your chosen stand system, leaving you free to dress it as you wish. We then handle the collection and dismantling of the stand once you’re finished.

Exhibition Stand Rental

Exhibition stand rental rather than buying one is especially popular with businesses that like to offer something different with their show booth design at each event.

Larger truss based booth systems can be a serious financial outlay, and their physical component size means a van or lorry is required for transport to and from events.

With storage between shows also a major consideration, hiring an exhibition stand makes a lot of sense, with the added benefit of construction and after show takedown being done for you too.

Hiring a stand also means you are not committed to a set size, which allows you to downsize for low key events or upscale for that big annual show. With the extensive costs of trade show floor space, especially at key events, the ability to cater your stand to fit a set budget is often the difference between attending or not.

With our truss based exhibition systems being completely modular, your banners and promotional wall fixtures can be produced to allow for size changes, making them adaptable for use on several different stand designs to help reduce costs.

Exhibition Stands for Hire

We have a great selection of exhibition stands for hire that cover many budgets, with everything from a simple truss podium or commercial gazebo, to a full quad truss stand system for creating a complete walk on exhibit.

Hire for Events will deliver and build any stand system as part of your rental, and handle the dismantle and collection once the show is finished, providing you with a complete service that saves you both time and money, and avoids the stress of trying to build your own stand with little or no experience.

Exhibitions can be an incredibly stressful experience, with long days on your feet, the constant flow of people that requires you talking all day, and the draining environment of a show hall with its constant noise and bright lights.

Exhibition stand hire and having our team deal with the transport and construction takes away a huge task from your staff, allowing them to focus on the details, and the fact they can go home on that last day without several hours of spanners and ladders to contend with.

Exhibition Display Stands for Hire

Hiring an exhibition stand is a great starting point for businesses that’s perhaps testing the water on the trade show circuit.

The hire of a stand makes far more sense then going with costly purchase options, only to discover that the show just isn’t the right move for your particular marketing needs, and being stuck with an expensive booth system you don’t need.

We offer a complete service at Hire for Events, and can advise you on the best sized stand for your intended displays, along with the supply of any additional show equipment to get your stand looking as you want it to.

We offer a large range of mains and battery powered LED lighting systems which include wash lights and spot lamp units, along with audio systems that can include headset style microphones that are ideal for product demonstrations.

Our stage platform hire allows you to create raised plinth areas and strong display benches, and can also be used as custom flooring for a real visual impact. Contact us for more information on our exhibition display stands for hire

Custom Exhibition Stands

With access to trussing systems for both hire and for purchase, we are able to combine the two together for your specific exhibition stand requirements.

Rental of a large exhibition booth system will provide you with a standard truss structure, but this can be altered with the addition of bespoke truss sections purchased through our UK fabrication service.

This can allow unique sized pieces or non standard shapes to suit your particular stand layout needs, and provides the opportunity for the permanent welded attachment of bracket and custom fixings.

With a fast turnaround time from design to manufacture, a custom truss section can be created in just a few weeks, and delivered to you separately or as part of a hire.

Due to the nature of bespoke fabrication, these custom pieces are not available to rent, and must be purchased, allowing enough time for the design and manufacture process in advance of any event you have coming up.

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