Indoor stage hire can be needed for many different situations, from a simple speech or presentation, to a musical performance or stage show.

The use of a stage provides both physical and visual boundaries to both those on it and their audience. A stage is a hugely important prop that naturally draws people’s attention to whatever is occurring on it.

A professional stage hire can really transform the look and feel of an event, and can greatly enhance the experience of both guests and performers at parties and wedding receptions for example, where the DJ or live band can play out to the crowd and view the reaction of the entire room.

The Hire for Events team has great experience in supplying and installing stage systems of all sizes. We will discuss your requirements during the quotation phase, highlighting any possible issues with the size and height of the system in relation to the location.

Our modular stage systems can be taken in and out of standard doorways and require no special equipment to operate once our team has finished construction.

School Stage Hire

Many modern schools have done away with the traditional built in wooden stage of the school hall, preferring the extra room to allow for multi-use space.

For drama productions and orchestra recitals, this can leave things feeling not quite as special as they should be, and significantly limits the ‘real world’ experience of performing from an elevated stage environment.

With budget limitations and storage issues a big consideration against outright purchase, indoor stage hire for these special events can be the perfect solution for many schools, colleges and universities.

Utilising the same modular stage platforms, Hire for Events can also provide your school with a tiered seating system for those performances where a larger audience capacity is required.

They are available in a range of widths and tier numbers to suit both your seating requirements and the space available. Contact us for more information on school stage hire

Theatre Stage Hire

Many stage companies and drama groups rehearse in locations with no stage, as local theatres are in dying numbers, and the large theatres are just too big or costly for many productions to consider.

Indoor stage hire for a production or limited run show can be far more economical, allowing any suitable hall or building to become your own private theatre space.

Modular stage systems allow for easy adaption into the space available, with single level surfaces or staggered designs to accommodate your particular needs.

Solid construction and anti-slip surfaces make for a safe and comfortable working area, with additions such as steps, stairs or access ramps available along with stage safety railings to prevent any unplanned stage dives. Contact us for more information on theatre stage hire.

Trade Show Hire

Stage decks provide a solid base that looks stylish and is designed for constant foot traffic, and are often used as a raised floor for show booths and product display.

It’s often overlooked as people tend to think of going up onto a stage, but our professional stage platforms can be used without legs if desired for a raised plinth configuration that’s ideal for defining your show area.

For more uneven floors the stage decks can be supplied with clearance legs that protrude just below the frame, allowing for adjustments to level the surface up, and the platforms lock to each other preventing any unwanted movement.

Hiring stage decks for your trade show or exhibition booth can really add that extra visual hook that stops people from just passing by.

Stage Hire for Corporate Events

Businesses can require the use of a stage system for a variety of functions and events throughout the year. This can be anything from a team awards scheme to a retirement celebration, or a live band at a black tie ball.

The size of stage needed can change drastically from each event, which makes hiring a stage the simplest solution as it can be ordered to suit, and the logistics and construction are handled for you by our experienced team.

A stage platform adds a level of professionalism to speeches and presentations, helping the user to better express themselves and ensure they can be seen and heard by everyone.

For awards evenings, a stage area performs the dual function of the presentations, and for use by the DJ or live band during the party afterwards.

Product Launch

Stage systems don’t necessarily have to involve singing and dancing, and a product launch is a great example of using a professional raised platform purely for promotional purposes.

Our stage systems can be used as heavy duty tables, with the standard 2m x 1m platform being a great size for showing off smaller products, or indeed heavier products that a normal table or bench would struggle with.

The boxed aluminium frames and embedded pressure treated plywood tops are rated at a huge 750kg/m², and several decks together will easily support the display of a vehicle or heavy machinery.

The easily interchangeable pole legs allow great flexibility in varying the heights of your displays, and their industrial yet sleek appearance makes them a modern and clean looking choice for many different display designs.

Our modular stage systems are very economical to hire for both short term and extended periods of time, with delivery, collection, and any construction done for you by our team.

Hire for Events can also supply high quality LED lighting systems for product launch events, along with sound systems and aluminium display trussing which can be used for promotional banners, or the hanging of lighting, projectors or display screens.

Our indoor stages are perfect for…

  • School theatre and plays
  • Award evenings
  • Wedding receptions
  • Christmas parties
  • Live music events

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