Sitting just below the ‘traditional’ big marquees in size, our large gazebo hire provides a superb choice of professional, quick set up structures for your outdoor events.

These large gazebos include wall panels with windows, curtain style doorways, and open plan interiors due to their unique ‘pop up’ frame design not requiring any central legs. This leaves you every inch of space.

With sizes including 6m x 6m, an 8m x 4m, and our largest gazebo at a huge 8m x 8m, you can easily cater for a large number of guests for any occasion.

Large gazebo hire is an ideal way to gain a temporary space for parties and celebrations, offering plenty of room for a DJ, a drinks bar, and protection from the elements. 

With their stylish looks, these gazebo marquee systems can be put to use in a variety of professional situations, from town shows and classic car events, to corporate functions and business open days.

The team at Hire for Events will deliver and set up your large gazebo hire, ensuring its safe to use and correctly weighted down. We then of course dismantle and remove the gazebo once your event is finished.

Wedding Gazebo Hire

With a vast interior dimension making them ideal for banquet tables or a dancefloor area, our wedding gazebo hire service has great experience in supplying both low key events and the more extravagant wedding venues.

There are many uses at a wedding for a large outdoor covered area, with some venues using them as a temporary foyer or meet and greet area, which is especially useful when the main room itself is full of tables and doesn’t offer much additional space.

Ideal for a summer wedding where they can be used with doors and side walls removed, these large gazebos can offer covered outdoor dining, or as a terrace cover to the main building.

Many weddings choose to host both meal and reception outdoors, and large gazebo hire offers a great option, with our systems easily being joined together to form a covered area suitable for even the largest guest list and table arrangements.

Hire for Events can provide flooring, heating, and a full complement of wedding lighting and accessories as part of your hire, along with supplying a DJ and party equipment for your evening celebrations.

Our professional technicians will handle all aspects of both setup and breakdown of the gazebos, and any additional equipment hired, allowing you to concentrate on what is always a large list of tasks pre-event.

Rent A Gazebo

The decision to rent a gazebo or marquee rather than buy one ? It’s something that anyone hosting a large event will usually ponder over at least once or twice during the planning stages.

Renting a gazebo, or in some cases several gazebos, brings with it not only a large financial outlay, but also things like transport, and of course set up and takedown. 

For larger marquee sized gazebos this can be quite a significant task, and is a pressured one at that as its usually done on the morning of the wedding or event, so no time for guesswork or missing parts.

The quality of our rental gazebos is commercial grade, which is very different to any you may find cheap to buy online. Those low cost gazebos are simply not designed for anything other than private back garden use, and limited use at that.

With heavy duty boxed design frames and thick PVC roof and wall material, our professional gazebos are built to take the wear and tear of large gatherings and daily use, giving superb protection from all weather conditions.

The Hire for Events team will deliver and construct your chosen gazebos, and ensure they are weighted down correctly and safe to use. We install flooring, lighting, heating, and any other options you may have selected, and leave you with a ready to use space.

Mini Marquee Hire

Traditionally an awning or canopy roof of 6m or 8m span would have been a pole style marquee tent design, often referred to as mini marquees.

The advancements in engineering and materials has allowed our range of commercial ‘pop up’ frame gazebos to now incorporate these much larger sizes, adding in a huge level of convenience and reduced costs when hiring these bigger structures.

Our mini marquee gazebos are perfect for all events, from a garden party or sports day, to outdoor weddings and festivals, where they provide a stable and reliable covered environment.

The pop up design allows for fast set up, even on the largest sizes, and the structures are sure footed even in stronger winds. Our delivery team will ensure your mini marquee is correctly installed and ground fixed, giving you total peace of mind.

For weddings, dinner parties and corporate events, we can arrange the hire of tables and chairs, furnishings, soft flooring, and any portable power requirements that may be needed.

Hire for Events complement our range of mini marquees and large gazebos with excellent lighting hire packages designed to suit specific occasions, along with DJ hire and sound equipment hire for a complete turnkey service.

We’re also have options available for:

  • Electric heating
  • Custom flooring
  • Portable drinks bar hire
  • Lighting packages
  • DJ hire

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