Outdoor stage hire is one of the most important factors to consider when organizing your event. Hiring a stage for any outdoor event can be easily split down into exactly what’s required, saving both time and money during the supply and setup.

The size of stage needed can be determined by just a few factors, with the main one actually not being how large you may like the stage to be, but rather what space you have available.

It sounds obvious, but many people have come unstuck by not properly measuring the available ground space before deciding on some grand stage design, only to find it wont fit.

The team at Hire for Events will guide you through the simple yet crucial steps for assessing the size of stage you can use, and highlight any issues you may not have considered when planning your event.

Outdoor Stage

Our staging hire systems are heavy duty platforms designed for tremendous weight loading and all weather usage, and we offer a range of fixed height legs and adjustable jack feet to allow sturdy and level use on uneven terrain.

These hard wearing stage deck platforms feature boxed aluminium beam construction with an ultra tough coated plywood top surface. This features a rubberised embossed anti-slip pattern that’s ideal for safe use even when wet.

Our stage systems clamp together to form a solid structure that’s free of flex or wobble, helping to reduce leg fatigue for performers and avoid an uneven stage surface that can be a danger in use.

We can supply staging systems of all sizes, along with a range of commercial grade gazebos and marquees that are ideal as backstage hangouts, and for covering food stalls or bar areas.

Hire for Events can also supply complete stage roof systems for your professional outdoor stage event. These roof structures are aluminium truss framed construction with heavy pvc materials for the roof and walls.They are pro-grade systems and meet all current TUV and DIN safety requirements for performance equipment.

A stage roof system provides superb shelter from both the hot sunshine and those unexpected downpours, and is an important consideration when planning any outdoor stage event.

Concert Stage Hire

Outdoor concerts and productions are a big part of the events calendar here in the UK. We love to be outside, and those hot afternoons and warm summer evenings are perfect for organisers to put on shows and performances.

Concert stage hire systems allows a central focal point to be created, be it in a public park, field, or private grounds. The stage will often become the only structure in the space, and will naturally encourage a crowd to gather even when nothing is playing.

Careful planning of stage size is needed, as too small an area can cause problems for performers and equipment. Though equally, too large a stage structure can eat into valuable audience space.

An outdoor stage must be able to adjust for the uneven grounds of dirt, grass or gravel, and be adaptable to cope with dips or slopes. It is for this reason we stage decks with a solid leg system as it provides a rigid framework.

Using our custom screw jack units in place of standard feet, we are able to cater for height alterations to ensure a perfectly level stage surface, even on a considerable incline.

The requirements for a concert stage vary, and a specific event may only need a small system for a band or DJ event, taking up minimal space while providing a great platform to perform from.

Larger stage hires for full orchestras or theatre style shows will usually be significantly bigger, and can include stair units and ramp systems to aid with logistics and safe access.

There really is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to outdoor stage hire.

Festival Stage Hire

Though often intertwined with concert stage hire, the needs of a festival stage differ in several ways, and must be suitable to allow for a smooth running operation.

Festival stage hire must take into consideration factors such as multiple performer and equipment changeovers throughout an event, with both safety and logistical considerations coming into play.

A large stage will require steps or stairs, ideally to each side or rear of the structure, with stages of 60cm height or more often requiring a ramp for the easy wheeling of heavy audio equipment and lighting on and off the stage.

Safety railings are a must have for large stage areas, stopping both performers and equipment from dropping off the stage and damaging either themselves or a spectator.

The stage at a festival may be required to support a large sound system, or lighting rigging, which can greatly affect the weight loading and performer safety, along with the supply and distribution of power to any electrical equipment.

The Hire for Events team will discuss all the available options with you during the planning stages, making you well aware of any limitations or pitfalls you may have overlooked. Our experience of supply to large live events ensures you are in good hands.

Stage Equipment

The team at Hire for Events can advise you in the planning of any upcoming festival where a outdoor stage hire and its peripheral equipment hire will be required.

We can help with ensuring the performance area is large enough for your needs, and the team will be on hand for initial build and the takedown afterwards.

We can organise and supply additional equipment such as power generators, stage roof systems and professional audio equipment of varying specifications to suit your needs and audience size. This can be anything from a simple active PA system for a DJ or band, up to a complete line array sound system for superior sound coverage in large spaces.

We have access to a wide range of stage lighting systems, effects lighting systems and atmospheric effects such as smoke machines and bubble machines, all offering fully programmable DMX synchronized control for a complete visual show.

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