Hiring a stage is a fantastic way to bring a professional look and feel to any event, even when it’s a home party or small private function. A small stage hire is a great addition to events such as children’s parties, sports days, solo music performances, charity days and graduations or proms.

Our stage platforms are modular, with sizes starting at a 1m x 1m square deck, or our standard 2m x 1m stage.

Available in several heights, the stage platforms are available with fabric skirting, and you can choose to have safety railings and steps to keep things nice and safe for all users.

Mobile Stage Hire

Stages are one of those things that it’s just not practical to own for most people. Even in a modular format, they require storage space when not in use, and then there’s transportation to consider.

Mobile stage hire makes perfect sense in most situations, as it gives you the opportunity to choose a stage size exactly suited to each event.

It’s delivered exactly where you need it to be, and the setup is done for you. Then when your events are over, it’s taken down and removed for you!

Ideal for speeches and awards, winners podiums and music performers, a small stage can really change the look and feel of an event or special occasion.

Portable Stage Hire

A small stage can add that perfect finishing touch to a party or social gathering. Take your karaoke competition up a notch, or guest spot the local musical talent.

Children love the opportunity to perform, portable stage hire for birthday parties can be a fantastic way to let them feel like their favourite music star.

Our stage systems are safe and secure, and are designed for heavy duty use, so 20 excited kids jumping on them is not going to be a problem.

The modular stage systems are ideal for use in any location, as they come apart fully for transport so can easily be carried through standard doorways into back gardens. They are quick to assemble, and provide a rock solid platform on both hard ground and grass.

The Hire for Events delivery team will take care of all lifting and setup, so you can be sure your stage is correctly built and safe for use. We also handle the disassembly and collection once your event is over, so there really is nothing you need to do.

Small Stage for Functions

A small stage can make a lovely addition to your event. They provide a great focal point in any space, and add a real sense of occasion.

Perfect for awards and presentations, for tech talks or product launches. A stage platform gives you an ideal way to connect with your audience, and for your audience to have a clear view of proceedings.

Our professional stage platforms are modular, so can be as small as a single 1m x 1m unit if that’s all you require. Metric platform sizes make it simple to decide on the overall stage size that’s ideal for your chosen location, and stages are available in a selection of heights to suit.

Stage hire can also include any required audio / visual equipment from our available range, with the latest LED wash lighting and portable PA systems providing your event with a complete stage package, all set up by our team and ready for you to use.

Small Stage for Parties

Hosting a birthday bash or celebrating an achievement ? A small stage hire can be the icing on the cake for any big event.

Our stages can be used indoors or outdoors, and provide the perfect raised position for your DJ or live band to perform from.

For younger parties, the appeal of their very own stage to settle that karaoke battle or do the latest dance routine is exciting, allowing those imaginations to run wild as they emulate their favourite pop idols.

Our small stage packages are ideal for use in back gardens, larger living rooms and hired spaces such as halls or function rooms.

Hire for Events handles the delivery and collection, and will take care of the building and takedown of the stage and any other equipment supplied, leaving you to concentrate on planning that boys vs girls dance off competition.

For the full party experience, we can provide a great selection of professional sound systems with microphones and mixers with vocal effects to get you sounding pitch perfect.

Our lighting packages and smoke machine systems can give your stage that authentic pop video look, and help you throw a party that will stay in memories for years to come.

Small Stage for Performers

From a beer garden charity gig, to a solo performance at a wedding or party, a small stage can really make a huge difference to how professional you come across, and how confident you feel.

There’s a performance boost that comes from being on a stage. It’s hard to explain, but any singer or band will tell you that they do their best when on one. So why let yourself down when you’re doing smaller events ?

Small stage hire is cost effective, and allows you to be confident in the knowledge that your performance space will be familiar and a defined size, no matter what location you are playing at.

Having both yourself and your equipment on a raised stage platform helps remove those public performance hazards such as wayward children, and drinks on your speakers, whilst providing you a set floorspace to arrange your equipment and get comfortable.

For a full band, a larger stage system can be fitted with safety railings and steps, and the stage decks can accommodate both uneven ground and inclines, so can be set up in most locations without issue.

For outdoor performances, Hire for Events can supply one of our commercial gazebos to cover the stage. They can be used with just the roof canopy for great shade cover from the summer sun, or can be fitted with side walls easily for all weather protection.

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