Our professional stage hire is designed to provide you with a sturdy and stylish raised area that’s ideal for speeches, live performances and DJ equipment.

You can hire a stage in a variety of configurations to suit your venue, with different stage heights requiring just a change of leg, allowing for both standard stage layout or a staggered setup if desired.

Our experienced team will deliver your chosen stage, perform the mechanical setup and safety checks to give you complete peace of mind. We will then dismantle the system after your event so that there really is nothing you need to do.

Professional Stage Rental

The staging products we offer for hire are heavy duty performance stage systems. They are solid aluminium frame construction with a tough anti-slip finish surface that’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Using tubular aluminium legs available in a selection of heights, these stage platforms are vastly superior to the lightweight folding style stage that many of our competitors offer out.

The stage decks are designed for total stability in use, and are free from the flex or wobble that the lightweight stages can often suffer from. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of uses, from a full live band, right up to the display of a vehicle at a product launch event.

Stage Hire for Parties

Stage rental gives your party a professional look and give your guests an event to remember.

Ideal for raising a DJ setup to an elevated position, providing them a commanding performance area, which is greatly effective in larger rooms and halls where the DJ can often be a little lost just tucked into a corner.

Stages above 40cm high can be provided with steps for easy access, and the stage system is dressed easily with our fabric skirting for a smart appearance.

Use of a professional stage will give your party or disco event that extra level of class and detail that is an essential ingredient in setting the perfect atmosphere, be it for that 16th birthday party, wedding anniversary, or for the school leaving prom night.

Stage Hire for Weddings

Many things go into making the ideal wedding venue, and renting a stage can be a great addition to both the day’s events and the reception party.
A stage can be a great way of raising the head table up above floor height. This allows a clear view of the room which is ideal for speeches, and can add that extra sense of occasion for the bride and groom to be seated in an elevated position.

Also perfect for weddings is hiring a stage for your evening entertainment. This could be as a platform for your DJ to perform from, or as a raised area for a live band. Either will benefit greatly from the better room coverage which enhances the experience for everyone.

Stage platforms for weddings can be easily dressed with decorative skirting fabric for coordinating into your weddings colour scheme.

Stage Hire for Corporate Functions

Stage Rental can make a huge difference to the professional look and feel of any corporate event.

Awards and presentations become something far more special with a raised platform for speeches, allowing an uninterrupted view of the audience for presenters and recipients, and a comfortable viewing angle of the event from anywhere in the room.

A small stage platform hire offers an excellent solution for a lectern, and the modular nature of our hire stage allows for a variety of heights and layouts to be created.

Larger stages can provide an excellent focal point for awards events and dinner evenings, with the stage providing a much needed raised area for both presentation and for entertainment such as a function band or DJ.

The staging itself can be dressed with skirting, and can be provided with steps and safety railings if required.

Stage Rental for Product Launches

In the modern world of Instagram and viral marketing, a successful product launch needs to be as much about the event itself as the actual product.

Stage hire is essential for attaining that professional look to any launch event, be it indoors or outdoors. A stage is closely associated in people’s minds with fashion or their musical idols, so carries a subconscious message of desirability when used.

A stage will give your product a starring position in any environment, and allows for a clear and exciting presentation to the audience, with the elevated position providing superior opportunities for lighting.

Our heavy duty hire stage is rated for up to 750kg/m², and is capable of being used to display vehicles and other large items, making it the ideal choice for product reveals and press events.

Stage Platform Hire for Fashion Shows

Fashion and stage platforms go hand in hand, with a catwalk or runway being a hugely important feature of any fashion event.

Hiring a stage makes most sense for the majority of fashion retailers and design studios when putting on a show. It saves time on setup as this is done for you, and means the large stage platforms don’t require you to transport and store them.

Fashion shows are synonymous with long runways, raised up from ground level to give maximum viewing angle and exposure to both the audience and photographers.

The professional heavy duty stage platforms we hire are perfect for these long walkways, offering complete stability under foot with no flex or wobble to throw off the models stride.

The platforms lock tightly together underneath, and the built in adjusters allow for perfect top surface alignment that stays that way, avoiding any tripping hazards or unevenness that comes from inferior stage systems.

With a range of stage heights available, along with steps, stairs, safety railings and leveling feet for use on gradient surfaces, our professional stage deck platforms are all you need for a successful fashion show.

Stage Hire for Concerts

Live music performance where any sort of crowd is present will immediately suffer from a floor level setup.

Poor visibility for both band and audience, and a sound system that fires into the front row and not much further. It’s a quick way to spoil everyone’s enjoyment.

Stage rental for your concerts and performances not only avoids these issues, but adds a level of professionalism and spectacle to the entire event.

Stages can be at several heights to suit both indoor and outdoor concerts, and the larger stage builds can be supplied with steps and safety railings if required, creating a solid and user friendly structure.

Ideal for live bands and orchestras, and for drama and dance productions, a raised stage area is an exciting addition to any show, allowing for a commanding performance. and clear audio projection. Stage platform hire will take your performance to the next level.

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