Our modular stage systems are designed to quickly become tiered seating hire platforms that are ideal to hire for any event.

These tiered seating systems provide a superb temporary structure for accomodating a large number of people within a limited floor space, and allowing all audience members an unimpeded vue.

Hiring tiered seating for school shows, drama productions and sporting events is an excellent way of optimising the available space, and giving your audience or spectators a comfortable experience.

The staircase style staggered platforms allow both seated and standing users, so are popular with choirs and church events as well as music concerts, and for class or team photographs.

Raked Seating Hire

The classic grandstand style tiered seating can solve many problems when putting together a large event. The convenience of a tiered seating hire arrangement allows for the quick transformation of a space.

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, our tiered seating packages are built up from standard stage platforms, which allows the system to easily be altered in width and tier numbers to suit whatever the available space may be.

Each of the 2m x 1m platforms can accommodate 4 seated adults, using standard sized school or event chairs, and the platforms are simply connected in rows to the desired width.

The tiers heights are based on 20cm / 200mm differences, which allows them to be comfortably walked up and down without the need for any additional stair units. It is standard to leave 1 or 2 chair widths clear on the end of a row on tiered systems to allow access, similar to the cinema.

Tiers are available up to a height of 1m, or 5 tiers. This is the maximum height for safety reasons to avoid any issues with instability, however the systems can be provided in any width you desire, so larger audiences are not a problem.

Portable Tiered Seating Hire

Portable tiered seating hire systems makes them the perfect choice for outdoor concerts, school sports days or annual competitions and events that may suddenly need to seat a much larger number of people than usual.

Portable tiered seating can solve issues of uneven ground, providing every chair with a rock solid base, and overcomes the age old problem of only seeing the back of someones head when all seated on a level plane, with its staggered layout giving each row a great view out in front.

Portable seating tiers feature safety railings to sides and rear, steadying the climb to each tier, and providing a secure end barrier to avoid falls or slips.

The tiers are firmly secured with clamps to both the platforms and the adjoining legs, which together with the railings help these systems be completely solid, with no unpleasant wobbles or swaying in any conditions.

The team at Hire for Events will handle all the setup of your tiered seating hire, with our experienced technicians ensuring you can use the system safely and with complete confidence for your event.

Outdoor Tiered Seating

Many so called portable tiered seating systems for outdoor use are designed around a collapsible grandstand style design, which will come as a set size structure, often in a large container that opens up.

Many locations simply cannot provide access for such a trailer, as the outdoor area may only be reachable through a building or single width pathway, meaning a fixed structure is a no go.

Our portable tiered stage seating provides the ideal solution for all situations, as its completely modular construction means even the largest component is the individual platforms themselves.

With each stage deck at 2m x 1m and just 95mm thick, they can be carried through doorways on end with no issues, or can be wheeled through in bulk on a trolley where double doors are present.

The tiered platforms feature an all weather construction, so are perfect for outdoor use where they can handle any rain without damage, and the textured anti-slip top surface provides excellent grip even in the wet.

Raked Seating for Schools

For schools and education facilities, there are certain times during the year where a sporting event, drama production or musical recital will require an audience of students and parents that obviously would not normally be present.

While traditionally this would be dealt with by laying out endless rows of chairs, this is not the ideal solution as it requires a large space, and is fairly unenjoyable for all but say the 2 front rows, as the rest of the audience see nothing but the person in front.
Hiring a tiered seating system provides a far more elegant solution. It takes up far less space, allowing for a larger performance area, and its design allows for a clear view from every seat position.

The modular design allows for a custom fit into halls and gymnasiums, and all our tiered seating is suitable for outdoor use, so can be set up on playgrounds and sports fields with no problem.

With a hired system the hard work is done for you, with all setup and takedown being performed by our technicians, and no storage issues for you to deal with. It’s a great way of providing extended audience capacity on those infrequent occasions

Seating for Events

Hiring tiered seating for your event makes great sense for getting the most out of the available space and keeping the equipment costs low.

Tiered systems can cost several thousand pounds to purchase, and that’s just for one system. If your event plans require several tiered seating locations then it’s a considerable outlay.

Factor in transport and logistics requirements, and storage between events, and the cost rises further. That’s not including having people on site that can safely build the structures for public use.

The benefits of hiring a tiered seating system make it the only option for most event organisers, and the team here at Hire for Events come and do all the lifting, moving and building for you, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Types of events we can provide for:

  • Schools
  • Conferences
  • Theatres
  • Festivals
  • Film and TV
  • Fashion

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